I’ve been interested in photography ever since I could “borrow” my Dad’s camera, head down to Mondello (a racetrack outside Dublin) and photograph the motorcycle racing. I have had some of my most enjoyable days out with a little photography and a bit of “craic” with the likes of the legendary Joey Dunlop and Conor McGinn. Sadly, too many Irish road-racers have been badly injured and have lost their lives in the sport – they give so much enjoyment to so many fans often for very meager prizes. I still attend road-racing events and still enjoy the challenge involved in photographing this sport.

To broaden horizons,I regularly enter International Salons under the auspices of The Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique – FIAP and The Photographic Society of America - PSA. When you enter an International Salon “parish politics” don’t exist – you survive on the strength of your pictures. Irish photographers have, over the years, punched well above their weight in International Salons. For me, last year (2014) was another particularly good year, I picked up ninety two awards and added another 619 acceptances. To date I have amassed 2975 acceptances with a total of 387 awards in National and International competitions. I was awarded my first FIAP Gold Medal in The Edinburgh Photographic Society’s 148th International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography – one of the most difficult salons to achieve acceptances where 1755 prints were entered from 41 countries and only 204 prints were accepted for the exhibition – an acceptance rate of 11.62%. In February 2011 I was awarded my first PSA Gold Medal in 24eme Salon Photo de Riedisheim in France. In May 2011 I was awarded my first London Salon of Photography medal, in this their centenary year. In June 2011 I was awarded my first FIAP Blue Badge for the "Best Photographer" in The 3rd Great British Small Print Circuit (I received 51 acceptances with 3 awards). I am now the proud possessor of nineteen FIAP Blue Badges.

I was awarded the AFIAP (Artiste - FIAP) in February 2008, the EFIAP (Excellence - FIAP) in February 2011, the EFIAP/b (Excellence FIAP Bronze) in 2012, the EFIAP/s (Excellence FIAP Silver) in 2013, the EFIAP/g (Excellence FIAP Gold) in 2014, the EFIAP/p (Excellence FIAP Platinum) in 2015 and this year , 2018 I was awarded the EFIAP/d1 (Excellence FIAP Diamond 1) - the single highest FIAP distinction attained through international salon acceptances / awards by any photographer in Ireland.

I achieved my Licentiate (LIPF) in 2003, Associateship (AIPF) in 2005 and Fellowship (FIPF) in 2008 with The Irish Photographic Federation and my Associateship (ARPS) in 2009 with The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.