Fellowship of The Irish Photographic Federation - FIPF

Statement of Intent

Fellowship Panel

Contemporary Portraiture

Throughout my travels I have engaged with complete strangers and have attained photographs, which would not have been possible by merely asking those I met to pose in certain ways. I have often communicated where a foreign language was a barrier, always with one objective in mind – the final image.

In the execution of this panel I have used my photographic skills combined with a personal, stylised approach to produce this collection of contemporary portraits, which contest the “normal” compositional rules and form a collection of images, which harmonise rather than strive for individual impact.

I have carefully chosen the most suitable print media and considered all aspects of my work, where the individuals photographed are combined with a background which reveals some aspect of that individual’s lifestyle, profession or pastime - always striving to sensitively reveal a little more without stripping the individual of their dignity.

As I continue to photograph people I meet, my work continues to evolve …

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