26th November 2012
It's the start of the week and nearing the end of 2012 (well for salons anyhow) and I received three report cards this morning. In three international salons I managed to accumulate 43 acceptances with four awards. I was delighted to pick up the award of a FIAP Gold Medal for a projected image (all my other FIAP Gold Medals were awarded for printed images). A UPI HM was awarded for another image and to top the lot my 6th FIAP Blue Badge in Art Balance, Belgrade,Republic of Serbia. For those not up to speed the Blue Badge is awarded to the author who accumulates the most acceptances in an international salon- it is a small Blue Badge with enormous significance ! I hope I never loose the sense of thrill when reading a report card - most authors I know talk about the nervousness experienced when opening a report card - we're very easily pleased.
In Wrekin Salon in the UK I was awarded a Highly Commended and received 7 acceptances. In the French Digital Tour I have amassed 22 acceptances - some with high scores too ! The awards will be announced later and under new FIAP rules any author will only receive one award - that will guarantee a better spread. Oh yes, I've just been awarded a PSA Bronze Medal in the French Digital Tour 2012 - Very pleased indeed ! Pity that not everyone can embrace the success of others !

So for all the number crunchers - I have amassed 396 acceptances with 52 awards this year alone - really proud of that !


Photo comment By Ciaran: Congrats Brian. That has to put you in the running for Best of the Best?
Photo comment By Brian: Don't know about that Ciaran - now you've made me nervous. No league table exists so t's hard to know. Not 100% on my french but it looks like one author picked up 3 "Best Author" awards - how can you compete with that !
Photo comment By Wesley: Well done Brian. You are flying.

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