04th April 2013
It surprised me to find how many clubs are formed and do not have any constitution in place. Simply put, the constitution is a set of rules and aims, which a club will use in its day-to-day conduct of business. If the club intends to deal with any outside body it is expected to show it has been properly formed and runs under a set of guidelines.

This constitution is written in plain language – it’s easily understood and is not intended as a legal document – heaven knows that’s what most clubs try to avoid! The last thing a club needs is a member who “used to work in a solicitor’s office” and who forms all rules in a quasi-legal manner.

After reading the document everyone will have an opinion as to how it should reflect one thing or another – that’s healthy, but I would urge everyone to read it a few times and try to understand the general aims rather than dissect each and every section. For example, most club members would like to see the committee members change on a regular basis (say a maximum of three years in any particular position) but there may well be some jobs which can only be performed by a select few. There is provision for change written here because at each AGM the committee resigns to allow new members to be elected. Perhaps a defined period of office would be a healthy thing.

To insert paragraphs in an attempt to cover all eventualities would, I believe, be a retrograde step. Most clubs are amateur clubs and those who take up positions do so to try to advance the club and make life that little bit easier. The committee should decide whether they want a framework to formalize the running of the club in a straightforward manner or a legal agreement written by a solicitor.

All clubs are expected to have a child protection policy in place. Because of the legal complexities involved I have proposed the adoption of “Ensuring The Safety and Welfare of Children / Young People” as published by the Minister for Children. This document runs to over forty pages and is impossible to second-guess.

If any club wishes to use the attached constitution, by all means go ahead – contact me and I will email an editable form that you can freely use. It would be nice to have a little feedback on whether you find it useful or not. Also a simple credit for the work would also be appreciated

So here's a PDF of the constitution:
Club Constitution

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